Steph Jeavons

Around the World Adventure Motorcyclist, Author and Public Speaker.


Steph Jeavons is an author, journalist, and adventurer who just (April 2018) completed a solo around-the-world (RTW) trip that took her to all 7 continents. A world first. The journey lasted a few days short of four years, during which she logged 53 countries and more miles (over 74,000) on a 250cc Honda than anyone who’s come before.

Born in Canada, she’s lived most of her life in Wales and considers it home. Even before learning to ride a motorcycle at 21, Steph Jeavons was unconventional, leading a successful school “uprising” to allow girls to wear trousers in the winter.

Prior to starting her RTW adventure, Steph Jeavons worked conventional jobs in accounting and Human Resources; and ran an off-road motorcycle school before leading desert motorcycle tours in Morocco. Unwilling to stay still for very long, she is currently planning to lead the first-ever all female motorcyclist trip to Everest Base camp in 2019—barely a year after completing her RTW.

As if riding RTW isn’t enough of a challenge, Steph made regular blog and vlog posts on her web site ( and authored her first book, “Embrace the Cow: How to Ride Around the World on a Budget” in her “spare time”.

She also got caught in a Himalayan landslide on the highest motorable road in the world; rode Rhonda (her Honda) on Antarctica; visited, in turn, the hottest, driest, wettest, and coldest places on the planet; and graciously turned down six marriage proposals.

Steph Jeavons is currently writing her second book, this one about the RTW adventure. 

A seasoned speaker, Steph offers an inspiring presentation for community organization dinners, public events, club functions, and anywhere an interesting, dynamic, and engaging speaker is welcome.

Testimonials from fellow Authors and Adventurers

"Steph is an inspiration to all motorcyclists, male and female. She has not only pulled off a genuinely impressive world record - for riding her bike on every single continent - but her journey around the world was made with a refreshingly have-a-go attitude, good humour and a true appreciation of the cultures and people she met along the way. She has shown us that you don't need a big bike and lots of expensive kit to have a big adventure."

Lois Pryce - Author, Journalist and Adventurer.

"Steph Jeavons has shown how a brave solo ride can help you grow into an amazing human being. There is something about courage which puts you as a person onto a different level and that's exactly what's happened to Steph. World adventurer and Steph Jeavons. It goes together." 

Nick Sanders - Author, Journalist and Adventurer

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Interview with Steph Jeavons and Charley Boorman

This interview took place in Cape Town in 2017. After filming, Charley and I rode together in Namibia before going our separate ways. Charley is a great guy and he also makes the best pork belly I have ever had!